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Here are 21 selected readings from "The Calgary Lairs" by Matthew Francis Doyle, plus three un-recorded specials only for this page. The poems were written in Tobermory and Hamburg. The full collection of poems will be published in 2013. The book is dedicated to David James Jones without whom not much would have ever been dreamed or achieved.

Matt was mentored in his earlier days by the poet Basil Bunting - a kind, patient yet critical teacher. Bunting's seminal long poem Briggflatts astounds - a beautiful journey of love in adversity. The poem's title is based on a famous Quaker Meeting House near Sedbergh, Cumbria. The work established him as a major influence on the modernist movement in Britain through the Fulcrum Press.

Asked to define a poem, Matt replied to this tough call by saying "in a sense, a poem is about the re-taking of language, building the obvious and less obvious - the light and dark within the word or phrase. But each poem must be in the telling aloud, sometimes clear, sometimes muddied, yet always with that hope of considered touch."

Matt is currently finishing two film scripts ("Sleep", "Fire Circles") and a one-hander play ("PunchBag").

Just for this page and site.

Angels come from strange places
Flipped on their wings
And in their descent
Bring the music
We want to hear"


"The promise hurts
Remembrance of perfumed places
Locks us in
Without contrivance

Yet still the promise hurts
And will not dissipate
The dullest dawns
Above our secret garden"


"Drive him back to my voice
While sea-gulls cackle
And the sea beats

And let all whale songs
Spread through oceans
About the two of us"


Recordings made at St Kilda's Church, Loch Buie, Isle of Mull.

The Calgary Lairs: © Matthew Francis Doyle 2012. All rights reserved.

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